Starpharma – drug delivery deal with Astra Zeneca

(Left to right) Professor Ben Boyd, Chris Porter, and Dr Lisa Kaminskas

A long standing collaboration between MIPS scientists and the Melbourne-based biotechnology company Starpharma reached a significant commercialisation milestone when Starpharma signed a major licencing deal with the global pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca . MIPS scientists have worked with Starpharma for over 10 years and are co-inventors on some of Starpharma's DEP® drug delivery patents. This platform improves delivery of anti-cancer agents to tumour sites, and reduces toxicities often seen during chemotherapy.

This is another example of the power of deep and enduring academic-industrial collaborations within the Australian biotechnology ecosystem – focused on translation of science in areas of unmet medical need and highlights 正规买球app十佳排行APP下载's commitment to nanoscience and progress towards the development of  next  generation nanomedicines.

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